Team get their teeth checked out!

​The horses had their yearly visit from Tom Elms our amazing Equine Dentist

I have used Tom for a number of years now and am always over the moon with his treatment of the horses, his attention to detail and his levels of patience! 

I had 4 horses done this year each requiring routine work

Zarina is always his nemesis and I applaud him for his efforts every time he looks after her. Safe to say Zarina's patience always quickly wears thin and having her teeth rasped certainly wouldn't be within her top list of things to enjoy but we persevere and keep her as cool and comfortable as we can! 

Eddie and Dinky happily enjoyed their routine rasp without much fuss at all and Kingston had his first big boy visit. He was a little unsure about the whole process but a bit of time and patience from Tom again and he soon settled and Tom got rid of some nasty sharp bits to hopefully make him a whole lot more comfortable and ready for lots of training to come soon!

So here's to another year of success hopefully and happy teeth! 

You'll find Tom on Facebook so make sure you check out his page! 

Competing at Mid Somerset Show
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Sunday, 09 August 2020

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