New Boy on the Block - BARRY

Lockdown has officially got to me and I took shopping to the extreme - it wasn't a case of flashing the credit card at ASOS either!

I may have purchased a new young horse all the way from Cheshire!

Buying horses unseen from a video and un vetted is not something I intend to make a habit of or have ever done, however Barry looked like a lovely big chap with a good attitude.

I had been trawling the web for a new potential hunter when I was tagged in a post by my friend Sophie. I took a look at the videos and thought he ticked the boxes I was after. A few Facebook messages later and I was suddenly the new owner of a horse and he was travelling down to Dorset the following day!

Barry is a 5 year old, Hanoverian, Gelding by Midas. Barry is a gigantic 18h and I'm hoping he wont grow anymore! He was broken late last year, did a little bit of everything and was then turned away for the winter to mature. He is in fantastic condition so we await to see how good he is.

Watch this space for our adventures!        

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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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