Bed Down Horse Bedding Available for Purchase

Bed down EXCEL 


Pallets of 40

Collection from DT102HB or delivery at mileage cost

- Mixture of small flake shavings and wheat straw
- Wheat straw improves bedding draining
- Softwood shavings are super absorbent
- Dust extracted
- Added lemon fragrance discourages eating of the bedding
- Spreads 35% further than equivalent sized bale of softwood shavings
- Takes around 3 to 4 bales to fill a 12x12ft stable
- Easy to work with
- Biodegrades quickly leading to a smaller muck heap


Horse Bedding, Poultry & Pet Bedding | Bed-Down Equine Bedding

Bed-Down the Horse Bedding, Poultry Bedding and Pet Bedding specialists, fresh living for your horse, pets and poultry.
Fantastic Pony Club Jumper for sale
Zarina - 1.30m Open


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Wednesday, 02 December 2020

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